ACTION PERIOD : from July 12th, 2006 to June 11th, 2010

:: Main Objective

arrowThe main objective is the development of an industrial applicable process for the thixoforming of steel alloys.

:: Secondary Objectives

1Investigation of material properties with respect to the inductive heating (thermo-physical properties) and the die filling behaviour of steel in semi-solid state.

2Development of algorithms based on Finite Element Analysis for the simulation of the thixoforming process and the inductive heating.

3Optimising the control of the process chain including handling of the billets, parts etc.

4Performing the tests in order to prove that thixoformed steel parts could compete with die forged and casted products as expected. This is to be done by standard mechanical tests (fatigue tests, tensile tests etc.) and by further destructive and non-destructive material tests.

:: WG Meeting
Lyon 23-25/04/2008

:: MC Meeting
Istanbul 6/05/2008

:: Semi Solid Processing of Alloys and Composites
Aachen-Liège, September 16-18, 2008

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